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A Cardano stake pool where you can delegate your ADA to win rewards and 10% of the stake pool operators rewards are given to social causes.

Breathe - Let's invest in our future together.

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Cardano cryptocurrency uses a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) for its consensus mechanism. We, as stake pool operators, are responsible for maintaining one of the Cardano stake pool that ensures the Cardano blockchain reability and security. 


To help us to achieve this, you can delegate your ADA to a stake pool and win rewards every time our stake pool creates a new block in the Cardano blockchain. 


The rewards are distribute to all ADABreathes stake pool participants. Also, part of the rewards are for the stake operators. 


We will give 10% of our share to social and environmental causes, chosen by the ADABreathes community - This value can go higher, depending on the rewards when the shelley mainnet launches.

To be as sustainable as possible, our services are located in a cloud service.

We are pledging all of our ADA to ADABreathes pool. This makes our pool desirable. 

Want to learn more about stake pools? Check Cardano staking.


ADABreathes [BRTHE] philosophy - An activist stake pool

We are trying create a better world and this can also be achieved by redistributing wealth and certainly helping others.


Our dream is to make ADABreathes a nonprofit organization to directly help others. For now, 10% of the pool operator share will be donated to institutions. The first organization we will help is Save The Children. Idealist, we will want our delegators to chose which organization to help.

If possible, we would like to create a close relationship with our delegators.


We are not here to be the biggest stake pool. We are here to be the best stake pool.

For this I want our delegators to be satisfied.


Not only helping us helping others but also we assure a good stake pool performance so you can receive max rewards possible.


Technical wise, we have more than 10 years of experience in systems and software development.

BRTHE - Let’s invest in our future together.


  • Max rewards to the pool participants with zero fees - Everytime our stacking pool puts a block in the blockchain, we win rewards. This rewards are automatically distributed by the pool participants, where 1% is for us, the pool operators. We will support the infrastructure costs with our 1% rewards, that is why you do not need to pay additional fees. 

  • Help others - From the 1% of pool operators rewards, 10% will be automatically given to institutions that support social and environmental causes. We are studying a partnership with GivingBlock. Only 10% of our (pool operators) rewards are to support the social causes - this does not affect the rewards that will be distributed by the pool participants - you.

  • Transparency - All rewards will be posted in ADABreaths webpage and twitter account so you can track all the pool operations.​ 

  • Reliability - With our technical expertise, 10 years of experience, and cloud solution we assure 24/7 pool uptime.

  • Trust - We are pledging all our ADA to the ADABreaths pool.We win, you win.​

  • Security - With our experience, cloud solution and cold wallet implementation you are 100% safe with us.

How to delegate your ADA? Check the following link: Staking and delegating for beginners—A step-by-step guide

Be part of the ADABreathes community. Help us help others.


ADABreathes is a Cardano stake pool that supports human rights and environmental causes. We are trying create a better world and this can also be achieved by redistributing wealth.

We are a team of two, based in Lisbon - Portugal.

We are both computer science engineers with the willpower (and technical skills) to make a change.

You can learn more about Cardano cryptocurrency philosophy and blockchain technology in Cardano.org.

We like to see ourselves as an activist stake pool.  


Lets be part of something bigger.


Do you want to create your stake pool? 

Any questions about ADABreathes ?

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