ADABreathes [BRTHE] philosophy - An activist stake pool

Updated: Aug 17

We are trying create a better world and this can also be achieved by redistributing wealth.

Our dream is to make ADABreathes a nonprofit organization to directly help others. For now, 10% of the pool operator share will be donated to institutions - this value can increase, depending on the rewards. The first organization we will help is Save The Children. Idealist, we will want our delegators to chose which organization to help.

If possible, we would like to create a close relationship with our delegators - i am a talker.

Follow us and text us:

Twitter - here you can find the offical telegram:

We are not here to be the biggest stake pool. We are here to be the best stake pool. For this I want our delegators to be satisfied, To achieve this we assure a good pool performance so you can receive max rewards possible.

Technical wise, we have more than 10 years of experience in systems and software development. Everything is running smoothly. We are in the crypto space for a while and in the Cardano ecosystem for two years now.

We truly believe in the Cardano project and philosophy and this made us dream. Help us help others.

BRTHE - Let’s invest in our future together.


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