• Anselmo Reis

Building the cardano foundations - Decentralization

Updated: Jan 26

With freedom it comes responsibility. We are all responsible for our own future and, ultimately, for the Cardano future.

We are a community - Big SPO, small SPO, white, black, Muslim, Christian - we are all part of an inclusive, fair system with no borders and with the goal to change the world.

To achieve that, what should be our priorities?

More than a protocol / system change, we need a mentality change. A good system only works with the right mind set, a bigger purpose, determination. We all want to achieve our economic freedom. The big difference is how do you want to achieve that. We should do it with principles, integrity fighting for a social good. Your existence rely on others. Others rely on Cardano protocol.

To Cardano succeed there is a very important factor that should be taken in consideration: Decentralization.

Cardano won't be decentralized because we say it's decentralized. It won't be decentralized because we want it to be decentralized. It will only be decentralized if we make it that way.

For that we should support all pools. Have in consideration avoiding multiple pools / pools farming and not leaving your ADA on exchanges. There are a lot of good single pool SPOs with the willpower to make a change. Unfortunately, the majority of these SPOs are struggling. Right now, with the pool farming and ADA on exchanges, the decentralization of the protocol is in danger.

Binance, for example, already have 59 pools.

You, delegator, and community member, have the power to decide what will be the future of cardano. Don’t give that power to an exchange. Don’t give that power to a multiple pool SPO. Give that power to the edges. Help create a robust ecosystem that will prevail forever and will give you the so wished economic freedom.

The cardano future relies on you. You have the power to change the world. Delegate wisely .

We all matter.

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